Baidu Selects NETINT Transcoding Solution for its Cloud Video Service


Vancouver, British Columbia, July 17, 2020 – NETINT Technologies, an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions today announced the deployment of its video transcoding technology in Baidu Incorporated’s cloud computing service. 

Baidu is a leading multinational technology company specializing in Internet based products and services including artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing.  Baidu’s Cloud computing platform features on-demand availability of compute resources including AI processing and data storage utilizing Baidu Object Storage (BOS) which features the managementstorage, and processing of unstructured data. 

Baidu’s Cloud platform is also utilized to provide live video streaming services including Video on Demand (VoD), media transcoding, and Content Distribution Network (CDN) services.  Streaming video is a demanding, processing intensive activity.  To ensure a high-quality, fully immersive experience for streaming video and interactive video services including cloud gaming, augmented Reality (AR) and virtual Reality (VR), Baidu undertook a comprehensive analysis of its video encoding/decoding requirements.  Baidu’s objective was to create a system architecture that met its demanding technical requirements while simultaneously minimizing capital and operational costs. 

After a rigorous evaluation, Baidu selected NETINT’s Codensity T408 video transcoder for its cloudbased video platform.  NETINT’s Codensity video transcoding technology features real-time, high-quality, scalable transcoding for live video streaming, enabled through the inherent advantages of ASIC-based encoding and with the scalability of an NVMe cloud storage infrastructure.  The T408 features sub-frame video encoding latency that ensures an immersive experience for interactive video services. 

Each Codensity T408 Video Transcoder module features ASIC-based H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC video processing enabling high quality transcoding and HDR10 support at up to 8K UHresolution. The Codensity T408 is the industry’s highest density encoding solution with each module capable of up to 32 unique transcoding operations Codensity T408 Video Transcoder U.2 modules are hot-swappable and can be used as a simple upgrade to increase encoding capacity in existing NVME servers. 

ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) based encoding technologies offer a significant increase in encoding capacity, can be easily retrofitted into existing servers and datacenters, and offer superior performance, higher density, and lower power consumption than GPU and FPGA encoding solutions. The advanced architecture and performance of the T408 enables high performance, flexible encoding infrastructures that simultaneously reduce total cost of ownership.  

The explosive growth of streaming video content is forcing content distributors to rethink their video encoding infrastructures.  Cloud based video-encoding is a flexible, high performance solution that enables content distributors to dynamically spin-up encoding resources to meet surges in demand,” said Tao Zhong, Chief Executive Officer of NETINT Technologies. “The Codensity T408 offers a level of encoding density, performance and quality that software and other hardware-based encoding technologies cannot match.  We congratulate Baidu on the deployment of their new Cloud based video encoding platform and look forward to partnering with them on future projects.” 


About NETINT Technologies

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions. Its Codensity portfolio enables cloud data centers, edge computing companies, and content providers to deploy scalable high-performance applications, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs.  NETINT, founded by an experienced team of storage SoC veterans, is a Canadian venture-funded high-tech company with R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Shanghai. For more information, visit www.netint.ca


Codensity™ T400 Series Video Transcoder

NETINT’s Codensity™ video transcoding technology features real-time, high-quality, scalable transcoding for live video streaming. Each Codensity T408 Video Transcoder module features ASIC-based H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC video processing with support for HDR10+, enabling high quality transcoding at up to 8K UHD resolution.

Scalable U.2 Plug-In Module Form Factor

Reduces bandwidth up to 50%

H.264/H.265 Real-Time Encoding

Ultra-High Density

Compatible with FFMPEG

Ultra-Low Latency Performance

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