NETINT Deploys Video Transcoding Technology in the Nimbix Cloud

Vancouver, British Columbia, September 9, 2020 – NETINT Technologies, an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions today announced the deployment of its video transcoding technology in the Nimbix Cloud.

Nimbix is a leading provider of purpose-built cloud computing for Video Processing, HPC, Simulation, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning applications. Nimbix’s advanced cloud platform, JARVICE™, supports private, public and hybrid cloud models spanning multiple regions and data centers.

Now deployed on Nimbix is NETINT’s Codensity™ video processing technology featuring low-latency, real-time, high-quality, scalable transcoding for video streaming.  NETINT’s Codensity T408 transcoder enables operational benefits for both cloud compute providers and their customers.

Content Distributors have embraced cloud computing platforms due to the flexibility they offer. Cloud compute platforms such as Nimbix offer Content Distributors a means to rapidly spin up compute resources as required to meet immediate processing needs.

NETINT’s Codensity technology increases compute density for video encoding applications. This increase in density expands the number of channels that can be encoded in a data center without increasing the server footprint size and is accompanied by savings in both power and facility HVAC costs, effectively reducing operational expenses and total cost of ownership.  The T408’s U.2 module form factor enables them to be easily installed into existing servers, creating a simple upgrade path for data center operators.

Content Distributors have embraced cloud computing platforms due to the operational flexibility they provide. The Nimbix Cloud offers Content Distributors a means to rapidly deploy accelerated compute resources as required to meet immediate processing requirements.  In addition, Codensity enabled compute nodes feature unique capabilities that are optimized for video encoding applications including real-time, low latency encoding making NETINT’s technology ideal for applications including cloud gaming and live streaming.

NETINT’s Codensity encoding technology features best-in-class image quality when compared to other software and hardware-based encoding solutions.  This high-quality encoding allows Content Distributors to utilize Nimbix’s cloud-based encoding platform in a broader range of applications, including cloud-gaming, AI acceleration, social mobile video, surveillance, video conferencing, live streaming, OTT/IPTV and AR/VR.

Furthermore, Codensity encoding technology is compatible with FFmpeg, an open-source suite of video processing tools.  This enables Content Distributors to easily and quickly integrate Nimbix’ Codensity compute platform into their existing encoding infrastructure.

As the demand for streaming content continues to grow, support for new emerging technologies including HDR10+ and 8K becomes critical.  Codensity’s support for both HDR10+ and 8K ensures Content Distributors who are utilizing Nimbix’ compute platform are future proofed as these technologies gain traction in the marketplace.

“Cloud computing continues to gain traction in the marketplace due to its end-user advantages including increased agility and operational flexibility through scalable access to cloud-based compute resources”, said Steve Hebert, Chief Executive Officer, Nimbix. “With the explosive growth of streaming video, content distributors have increasingly utilized cloud-based video encoding as a cost-effective means of meeting increased demand. NETINT’s Codensity video encoding technology, with its real time, low latency, high-quality encoding has given customers an option to simultaneously scale video processing capacity and lower their total cost of ownership.”

“With streaming video set to be the dominant form of internet traffic, Content Distributors need a scalable video encoding solution that easily scales as demand increases.” said Tao Zhong, Chief Executive Office, NETINT Technologies.  “Nimbix’s cloud-based encoding platform enables a lower total cost of ownership while simultaneously giving Content Distributors the flexibility and agility they need to adapt to dynamic market conditions. We congratulate Nimbix on the successful deployment of their Codensity encoding infrastructure and look forward to partnering with them in the future.”

About NETINT Technologies

NETINT Technologies is an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions.  Its Codensity portfolio enables cloud data centers, edge computing companies, and content providers to deploy scalable high-performance applications, while minimizing their data storage and video processing costs.  NETINT, founded by an experienced team of storage SoC veterans, is a Canadian venture-funded high-tech company with R&D facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Shanghai. For more information, visit www.netint.ca.


About Nimbix

Nimbix is the leading provider of purpose-built cloud supercomputing for HPC, Machine Learning and AI applications. Its JARVICE™ XE multi-cloud HPC platform brings the power of JARVICE™ and the Nimbix Cloud to any on-premises cluster or multi-cloud environment, dramatically simplifying computing for HPC and AI applications within Energy, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and other industries. For more information visit: Nimbix.net.

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Codensity™ T400 Series Video Transcoder

NETINT’s Codensity™ video transcoding technology features real-time, high-quality, scalable transcoding for live video streaming. Each Codensity T408 Video Transcoder module features ASIC-based H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC video processing with support for HDR10+, enabling high quality transcoding at up to 8K UHD resolution.

Scalable U.2 Plug-In Module Form Factor

Reduces bandwidth up to 50%

H.264/H.265 Real-Time Encoding

Ultra-High Density

Compatible with FFMPEG

Ultra-Low Latency Performance

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