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Solutions for OTT Video Streamers

Video content and consumption on the Internet continues to grow in volume. In addition, modern mobile devices allow subscribers to consume video content with ever higher resolutions up to 4K UHD. To continue to support growing video application requirements and multi-device interoperability, OTT video streamers and IPTV Service Providers need scalable solutions that can efficiently transcode or encode up to 4K UHD video resolution in real-time into different resolutions and bitrates suitable for Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming.

Codensity™ T408 Video Transcoders perform high volume transcoding between H.264 (AVC) to/from H.265 (HEVC) at 4Kp60 throughput. The Codensity T408 can also generate real-time encoding ladders at scale, suitable for ABR streaming of your video content to a broad range of video playback devices. All this capability is offered as a compact U.2 plug-in form factor, with low power and space requirements, resulting in the lowest cost per stream in the industry.

Talk to NETINT to learn how to do Encoding at Scale for OTT Video Streamers, or download our whitepaper Encoding at Scale for Live Video Streaming.

Save Power

Save Rack Space

Easy Integration

Our Products:

T408 Video Transcoder

Product Highlights

  • Scalable H.264/H.265 Real-time Transcoding
  • 4Kp60 UHD, or 8x 1080p30 streams
  • Can generate encoding ladders using multiple codecs, resolutions, and frame rates
  • 80% less power than alternative software solutions
  • Easy integration with FFmpeg SDK, or feature-rich API
  • Programmable Region of Interest (ROI)