Video Processing with SSD Storage
For Edge Deployments

Codensity™ EdgeFusion E408

Cloud service providers and CDN operators are increasingly motivated to move video storage and processing closer to the edge, to save core network bandwidth costs, improve QoE, while supporting emerging interactive cloud video applications including cloud gaming, AR, and VR.  Codensity EdgeFusion is the fusion of NETINT’s video processing and SSD storage technologies into a single compact, low power device ideal for video application processing in cloud edge architectures.

Product Highlights

  • H.264/H.265 video processing & SSD controller
    in one compact module
  • Based on Codensity G4 SoC
  • High efficiency and density
  • Low latency and power consumption
  • Optimized for Edge data centers

Up to 3.5TB Storage

Integrated Video Processors

Save Rack Space

Save Video Caching and Storage Costs

VOD service providers often cache their content at POP locations close to concentrations of customers, to maximize the QoE of video viewers.  With the EdgeFusion E408, you can store video content in a compressed format, saving storage space and costs.

Reduce Core Network Bandwidth

Streaming video providers often build their encoding ladders in centralized locations, and then distribute full encoding sets to POP locations for ABR streaming to consumers.  With EdgeFusion, CDN and cloud operators can reduce distribution bandwidth and costs by sending only the original source video to the edge location, where the E408 can economically generate encoding ladders.

Optimize Surveillance Video Processing

Distributed video surveillance networks often stream their camera feeds to a central monitoring facility for storage and processing, driving up ongoing bandwidth and storage costs.  With the EdgeFusion E408, AI and ML processing can be applied to the video at the network edge, to identify and then distribute only alarm and event conditions to the central monitoring station.  Camera video feeds can be stored in a compressed format inside the E408, and then retrieved later if further investigation required.

Deliver Cloud Gaming, AR, and VR

Processing interactive video applications will require very low motion-to-photon latency.  To achieve low latency will require processing at the edge locations to minimize network delays.  EdgeFusion E408 is an ideal solution, supporting deterministic ultra-low latency encoding of each frame generated by 3rd party cloud gaming and rendering applications hosted at the edge.

Computational Storage with Integrated Video Processors

Codensity EdgeFusion uniquely combines SSD storage with integrated H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC processors in a single device, to support both video storage and processing requirements.

Save Rack Space and Power

Combining storage and video processing in a single plug-in module saves rack space and power requirements where it is most scarce – at the network edge.

EdgeFusion E408 – Preliminary Specifications