The Next-Generation Ultra-dense Video Processing Solution

T432 Massif™
Ultra-dense Video Transcoder

The T432 Massif™ is an ultra-high density, low power video transcoder that leverages the inherent efficiencies of computational storage technology to create the highest density video encoding solution in a flexible add-in card form factor, that enables content distributors to rapidly adapt to changing business requirements.

The T432 Massif™ is targeted at applications requiring low-latency, ultra-dense video encoding, decoding and transcoding including OTT/IPTV, Cloud Gaming, AR/VR, Home Monitoring, Social Live Streaming, Live Streaming, Surveillance, AI acceleration.

Product Highlights

  • Scalable PCIe Add-in-card Form Factor
  • H.264/H.265 Real-Time Encoding
  • Reduces bandwidth up to 50%
  • Ultra-High Density
  • Ultra-Low Latency Performance
  • Compatible with FFmpeg

Save Power

Save Rack Space

Easy Integration


High Density Transcoding

Massif is packaged as a PCIe add-in-card that can be installed into any server and is equipped with an ultra-high capacity H.264 AVC/H.265 HEVC encoder and decoder. A single Massif module can encode or decode up to 4x 4Kp60 streams or up to 32x 1080p30 streams.

High Power Efficiency

Each T432 Massif PCIe add in card consumes only 27W of power at full load. A server fully populated with Massif is able to offer ultra dense encoding capabilities in a space efficient form factor.

Software Integration with FFmpeg Library Support

Many video processing and transcoding applications developers are familiar with FFmpeg, an open-source software library with a vast suite of video processing functions. The T432 Massif solution includes a highly-efficient FFmpeg compatible SDK, requiring operators to simply apply a FFmpeg/libavcodec patch to complete the integration. The libavcodec patch on the host server functions between the T432 Massif PCIe interface and the FFmpeg software layer, allowing existing video transcoding applications already using FFmpeg to achieve quick and significant performance and capacity upgrades with T432 Massif Transcoders.

T432 Massif™ Video Transcoder Specifications